NFC - Dangerous Things

Me and my brother planned a talk on Permanent Beta Day, but I also ended up being chipped with an NFC tag in my hand that I can program with almost anything. I won't need a key to unlock my door for example, or I can use it to share this site + contact details (this is the current setup). I'm probably gonna get a read/write setup for an Arduino that I can plug/connect to basically anything, and connect it up around my house.

Just a good note; It was done by a professional. Don't try this at home. These things can be harmful and they are experimental for a reason.

BYOB: Eyes Everywhere

I was at Bring Your Own Beamer: Eyes Everywhere on Friday the 28th of September . It's an amazing initiative started by Rafaël Rozendaal, where people come together to showcase work with light. SETUP Utrecht organised this session in cooperation with De Brakke Grond, in Utrecht, where I had the opportunity to test out some ideas I had. I was interviewed beforehand, and slightly hinted towards the mobility my projections where going to have. The result can be found in this gallery.

GPS Tracking Data

This is a quick experimentation of a GPS track visualisation done in Processing. The data is pulled from the Moves App, which was running in the background on my iPhone from the 7th of July until 23 November 2013. Much thanks to Nicholas Felton, who provided the original code. 

Over the course of the months you can really see the frequent commute over the Manhattan Bridge, and the adventures across Manhattan and Brooklyn. It also corresponds perfectly with my photomap on Instagram and Foursquare check-ins. Combining that would be next!

Thought Kinetics

Thought Kinetics Headset


We live in a world where algorithms run rampant over stock exchanges, companies use data to optimize outcome and people measure and compare performances in realtime. Thought Kinetics lives on this augmentation of ourselves. We co-exist in a analog and digital world, feeding of data created in unending quantities. The data is fed into our own system that we developed to create unique audio/visual experiences as installations or events.

Thought Kinetics aims to augment individuals with technology. It’s an interactive platform for extracting and transforming the data of life visually onto a digital canvas, launching soon! Check the 'like' box on our Facebook Page, or follow our Twitter account to stay updated.